Shannon's Fitness Journey

Shannon's Fitness Journey at RISE

Shannon decided to join the RISE Method at the start of the new year, aiming to get his fitness and health back on track. 

He enjoyed the structure the training programs, and how easy it was to keep track of his macros. 

It wasn't just about the workouts - the program's adaptability and the ability to tailor it to his needs played a huge role in his journey.

Shannon's biggest challenge was maintaining a consistent diet. The temptation to stray from his nutrition plan was his biggest hurdle, yet Shannon saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

He discovered the balance between indulging in his favourites, like a drink on the weekend, and sticking to his fitness goals by having a no-sugar option.

Shannon's hard work paid off.

He lost over 10kgs! 

Just look at Shannon's Weight Loss!


Shannon's journey with the RISE Method teaches an important lesson:

"It's not about avoiding the storms but learning to dance in the rain."

Despite struggling with his diet, his fitness goals never left his sight. 

His ability to adapt, find alternatives, and maintain a positive outlook transformed his challenges into opportunities for growth. 

Shannon's story is a reminder that the fitness journey has its ups and downs. 

But facing both the struggles and wins with a positive mindset can lead to change and personal growth.

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