RISE Programs

Tailored plans to suit your goals.

Lose weight and Transform your body


Want to build a lean and fit body? Shape is for you.

You'll be training 4 days a week with a blend of resistance training and circuits.

Warning: You'll need smaller clothes after this program.

Gain muscle and build your body


Ready to build some serious muscle?

You'll be in the gym 4 days a week for about an hour as you challenge your whole body.

Warning: You'll need bigger clothes after this program.

Get stronger


Get ready to get strong!

The STRONG program is designed for you to build some serious strength.

You'll need a barbell and some plates because we're focusing on the Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead press.

Finally pick up the couch with ease!

Train like an athlete


The ATHLETE program is designed so that you can be athletic, which is perfect if you are playing a sport, or looking for something more fast-paced.

Each workout challenges your whole body with a mix of power and strength exercises, so say goodbye to leg DOMS that stop you from running.

All you need is a set of Dumbbells and a Barbell, so you could train at home, or in a gym.

Get Lean & Ripped


Physique is designed for those who want to build their body

The program follows a Full Body Split so that you're training your whole body when you workout

Get ready to get ripped!

Do a Pull-Up in 4 weeks!

0-2-1 Pull Up

Get ready to get over the bar with the 0-2-1 Pull Up program - the program designed for you to do your first pull up!

Train at the comfort of your own home


Sick of busy gyms?

Build your fitness and shape your body with workouts that only require a set of dumbbells.

Train anywhere with rbs

RB on the GO!

The Resistance Band only program so that you can get fit where ever you go.

RB on the Go is perfect for those who are training at home, or if you're travelling and can only bring a resistance band.

Get your swing on


The Kettlebell only program ramp up your heart rate, build muscle and get strong.

You'll be training 4 days a week for about 30 minutes, either at home or in a gym - you just need a one Kettlebell.

Workouts that will make you sweat


Short on time and looking for a challenging workout?

Never be bored again with dozens of workouts that will ramp up your heart rate.

Get bendy with stretch


Can't touch your toes?

Get bendy with follow along stretch sessions.

grow your glutes!

Pro-Series Glutes

Build your Booty with our Glute specialised program!

We promise that you'll have a glute time.

Build your arms

Pro-Series Arms

Build your arms with this upper body specialised program!

You'll need a licence for your new guns.

Build your body

Pro-Series Squats + Bench Press

Take your Squat and your Bench Press to the next level with this specialised program!

Get Strong, Get ripped

Pro-Series Deadlift + Overhead Press

Transform your Deadlift and OHP with this specialised program!

Plus each Challenge has a Unique Training Program

The program will be scheduled into the calendar on your app. From movement specific programs to full-body plans, the unique Challenge programs are designed so that you can focus on one fitness goal at a time.

Can't find a program you like?

Track your own workouts in app with the Build a WOD feature, or chat with us in app for personal guidance.