RISE Programs

Tailored plans to suit your goals.

Lose weight and Transform your body


Want to build a lean and fit body? Shape is for you.

You'll be training 4 days a week with a blend of resistance training and circuits.

Warning: You'll need smaller clothes after this program.

Gain muscle and build your body


Ready to build some serious muscle?

You'll be in the gym 4 days a week for about an hour as you challenge your whole body.

Warning: You'll need bigger clothes after this program.

Workouts that will make you sweat


Short on time and looking for a challenging workout?

Never be bored again with dozens of workouts that will ramp up your heart rate.

Train at the comfort of your own home


Sick of busy gyms?

Build your fitness and shape your body with workouts that only require a set of dumbbells.

Get bendy with stretch


Can't touch your toes?

Get bendy with follow along stretch sessions.

Can't find a program you like?

Track your own workouts in app with the Build a WOD feature, or chat with us in app for personal guidance.