Tegan & Shannon's Fitness Journey!

Tegan and Shannon took on the RISE Method challenge together.

Tegan wanted to lose fat, gain muscle, and build good habits. Shannon just wanted to get in shape.

They loved how easy the program was to follow. Everything was laid out clearly, making it simple to stay on track.

Tegan's biggest win was learning to be consistent and not getting upset when she wasn't perfect.

She learned that fitness is a long journey.

Balancing kids and work was tough, but she found that working out early in the morning worked best, even though it was hard, especially when it was cold.

She felt much better, both physically and mentally.

Shannon loved the gym sessions.

His biggest win was losing weight, which made him feel great.

His main challenge was sticking to a healthy diet, but the program helped him manage it.

Shannon's advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is: "Do it, it works."

Tegan and Shannon's journey shows that with commitment, you can achieve great results.

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