Sarah's Fitness Journey

Sarah is the winner of the Muscle Gain (Female) category for BTC I - and our resident Step Queen!

Sarah joined the RISE Method to get her health back on track after gaining weight due to trauma and comfort eating. She needed a change and found that the program was just what she needed.

The app was easy to follow, and she received lots of support throughout the challenge.

Her biggest win was fitting into her smallest clothes and feeling great again.

This achievement boosted her confidence and made all her hard work worth it.

The main challenge for Sarah was nutrition.

She often turned to food for comfort, especially during stressful times.

Despite this, she made significant progress and learned to manage her eating habits better.

Sarah's advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is simple: "Do it!"

The RISE Method provides a supportive and easy-to-follow plan that can help you transform your life.

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