Margaret's Fitness Journey

Margaret joined the RISE Method to be healthy, fit into her clothes, and take better care of herself. She had entered many challenges before but never reached her goals. This time, she’s much closer and isn't stopping. She can’t wait for the next challenge.

Margaret loves the app because it makes training easy with video examples, quick substitutions, and a way to record reps.

She also loved the daily motivational messages, which kept her inspired—she even screenshotted most of them.

The app also links to her favourite food tracking app, which she finds very convenient.

Her biggest win was feeling great and strong, even though she lost only about 5 kilos. People have started noticing her progress, with one friend even asking, "Hey, where'd you get those guns?"

The daily motivational messages helped her realise that showing up consistently is what matters most.

When she has a slip-up, she just gets back on track as soon as possible.

Margaret faced a tough challenge in week 8 when she lost consciousness, fell, and cracked her head open.

Despite this setback, she got back on track and kept going.

Her advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is:

"Start now and don’t stop. It’s not about intensity; it’s about consistency and simply showing up."

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