Joe's Fitness Journey!

Joe is the Winner of the Weight Loss (Male) category for BTC I - he lost 16kgs in 12 weeks!

Joe joined the RISE Method after being impressed by Steve’s programs and support during the MAX'S Challenge.

He knew that with Steve at the helm, he would get the information and encouragement he needed to improve in the gym and enjoy exercise again.


Steve's willingness to share his knowledge and provide feedback gave Joe the confidence to tackle movements safely and effectively.

Joe found the programs very challenging, which was exactly what he needed. Returning to fitness after a long break, he realised he had never built a solid foundation of strength.

He used to skip movements he wasn't good at, hiding behind past injuries.

The comprehensive program targeted his whole body and encouraged him to improve his weakest areas, especially his range of motion in leg movements.

His biggest win has been his improvements in leg strength and range of motion. Joe can now move more freely through various leg exercises with minimal pain.

He acknowledges that he still has a long way to go before considering himself an accomplished athlete in leg training, but he is improving every day.

Joe lost over 16kg in 12 weeks!

The biggest challenge for Joe has been sticking to his diet while always working on the road.

However, he has adopted a healthier mental approach, allowing himself to eat a broader range of foods while still counting calories.

And, of course, squats remain a tough challenge!

Joe’s advice to anyone starting their fitness journey is:

"Just start. Regardless of where you’re at physically or emotionally with your weight or fitness, the RISE Method focuses on strength, movement, and taking it one day at a time. The hardest part is always the first step, so just take it, no matter how small it is."

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