Joel's Fitness Journey

Joel was drawn to RISE for its structured community challenge, offering both physical and mental support during an important life moment.

Here's what he has to say about his time at RISE.

Why did you join the RISE Method?

I love the structure and support a community challenge like this offers to help better myself physically and mentally which is critical through my current situation in life.

What do you like about the program?

The support from our coach, the app and the wide range of different sessions we can complete, all which are scored as well which is a cool feature.

What was your biggest win?

Dropping the “bulk” I was carrying. I now have a great platform to dive into the March challenge. But probably the biggest was actually finishing the challenge considering the mental health issues I face daily.
Joel had his fair share of ups and downs.
But he kept on pushing through.

What was your biggest challenge?

As mentioned, I am suffering a number of mental illnesses daily. To push through just one session a day, while my mind drags me in 100 different directions is so exhausting. To get each session done, looking back now, has been a bloody brilliant achievement.

What would you say to someone who was about to start their fitness journey?

The pain, the struggle you may feel at times is worth it. The lifelong benefits of keeping active are proven. You want to be a better version of yourself, start moving today. Start small and build. You don’t have to run 100m in 8 seconds, as long as you put your shoes on and start, that’s winning. The results will follow.

Here's what Joel has to say about RISE


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