Felicity's Fitness Journey

Felicity's Fitness Journey at the RISE Method

Felicity's journey with the RISE Method highlights the importance of commitment and personal growth.

Choosing RISE

Felicity joined RISE based on positive past experiences with challenges and Steve's coaching, confident in the program's effectiveness with proper commitment.

Program Appreciation

The challenge, for Felicity, was less about competing with others and more a personal journey.

She valued the app's accountability features and the straightforward approach to fitness and nutrition.

Achievement Unlocked

Felicity's proudest moment was reaching her goal weight, a well earned reward after her dedication and hard work.

Facing Challenges

Maintaining consistency was her biggest hurdle. Felicity used the support on the app to stay on track and smash through her goals.

Words of Wisdom

For those about to start their fitness journey, Felicity says: 

"Start somewhere! Moderation and consistency is better than all or nothing. Discipline over motivation."

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