Christall's Fitness Journey!

Let me tell you about Christall’s journey with the RISE Method. 

It's a story of finding balance in a busy life.

Christall needed structure amidst her long work shifts. 

The RISE Method offered a clear plan for exercise and meal prep, even with her busy schedule and challenges (like getting dental work and not being able to eat much)

She loved the daily task breakdowns, exercises, and meal plans. 

A major win for her was making healthier food choices and inspiring her teenagers to be active too. 

She’s also increased her strength in exercises like squats and bench press.
Christall overcame her physical challenges, like pinched nerves and an ACL tear, through proper warm-ups and stretches. 

She's proud of her progress, especially increasing her weight in exercises. Moving forward, she wants to maintain this structured routine and add more family walks. 

Join Christall in Your Fitness Journey
Ready to find your balance like Christall? The RISE Method can help you juggle life and fitness goals.

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