Cassey's Fitness Journey!

Cassey's story with the RISE Method is one of resilience and triumph. Let's explore her journey and how she turned challenges into successes.

Challenge and Change

Cassey's struggle began during COVID when her weight reached 87.6kg, leading to a dip in her mental health. 

Joining RISE in June 2023, she weighed 81.9kg and was determined to reclaim her fitness and well-being.

Why RISE Was Right for Cassey

What set the RISE Method apart for Cassey was its seamless integration into her life.

The app's practicality is just like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket

She loved the personal advice, flexible workout plans, and the ability to adjust her routine around a busy schedule.

Cassey’s Wins

From her peak weight, Cassey has made impressive progress, now at 76.85kg. 

Her journey wasn't just about weight loss. 

It was about regaining her strength, coordination, and confidence. 

She improved her food habits, quit drinking, and reconnected with a healthier lifestyle.

Cassey's Future Goals

Cassey aims to reach 70kg and regain her toned physique by Christmas 2024, just in time for her trip to the UK. 

Her goal represents more than numbers - it's about returning to her best form, both physically and mentally.

Join the Journey

Cassey's transformation shows the power of determination and the right support system. 

If her story inspires you, join the RISE Method and create your own path to fitness and health.

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