Kellie's Fitness Journey!

Today I want to introduce you to Kellie.

She has been on her fitness journey for the last 10 years, and connected with us so that she can take it to the next level.

Her story isn't just about physical transformation.

It's about finding your own motivation in a sustainable way. 

See, Kellie thrives on competition. 

In particular, the RISE Leaderboard. 

Even on days she considered resting, the drive to compete and climb the leaderboard gave her motivation.

The leaderboard was more than a ranking system for Kellie. 

It sparked progress. 

It encouraged her to progress her weights faster and more consistently than she might have done alone. 

This part of our program is designed to tap into that competitive streak, providing a fun and engaging way to stay motivated.

But Kellie wasn't just chasing PBs. 

She's looking for long term change. 

Kellie lost 5kg since joining RISE. By balancing her diet and allowing herself to enjoy her favourite foods within limits, she's not just losing weight - she's also building a healthier relationship with food and her body.


Her long term goal is to maintain this healthy lifestyle, to feel energetic, confident, and comfortable in her skin, without the extremes of past diets.

Your Turn to RISE
Kellie's story shows us that with the right mindset and tools, sustainable fitness is achievable. 

Whether you're driven by competition or personal milestones, the RISE Method can be your guide.

Ready to start your own journey? Join us and discover what motivates you.

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