Chris' Fitness Journey!

Let me tell you about Chris's experience with the RISE Method. 


It's a story of getting back on track and becoming a healthier, more active dad.

After his son was born, Chris noticed he'd gained 8kg.  

He felt sluggish and unmotivated, so he decided to join our program to turn things around.

Chris found the RISE Method simple and all in one place. 

He loved the meal ideas, especially the scrambled eggs, potato, and salsa for breakfast. 

The accountability aspect really worked for him ‚Äď he had to fit his sessions in, no matter what.

Chris's biggest win was getting consistent training in and controlling his nutrition. 

He managed to avoid snacking too much and kept track of everything in the app. 

"There’s always snacks in the house for the kids and I was guilty of getting into my fair share but having my assigned plan I knew I couldn’t have any or my calories would blow out"

It wasn't always easy, but he stayed committed.

Chris wants to be an active dad for his two kids. 

He aims to lose a few more kilograms and have the energy to play with them. Seeing his little boy after a workout session is his biggest motivation.

Inspired by Chris? Join the RISE Method and start your own journey towards a healthier, happier life.

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