Andrea's Fitness Journey!

I've got a cool story about Andrea - she joined the RISE Method for a much needed boost.

Here's how she got her fitness back on track...

Life was crazy for Andrea, and her fitness routine was slipping. 

She loves working out but needed something to kickstart her motivation. 

The Spring into Summer Challenge was perfect to prep for the holiday season.

"I enjoyed the structure that the program provided. An easy to follow diet and training program and a user friendly app made the program enjoyable and fun. The workouts weren’t overly time consuming which also made the Rise Method very achievable, even for a busy single mum. " 

Plus, the December PB (Personal Best) Challenge really pushed her to do her best.

"I also really liked the December PB Challenge component. It really motivated me to see how far I could push myself and see how I compared against other challengers."

Her biggest victory? Getting her diet and training back on track. She also hit some awesome PBs in exercises like incline bench press and split squats.

Looking ahead, Andrea wants to stay on track during the holidays and keep smashing her PBs. 

She's excited about starting a new strength program in the New Year.

Fancy a fitness refresh like Andrea's? Join the RISE Method and commit to a healthier life.

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